Why can’t I find gambling apps in Google Play?

The short answer to this question is because Google Play does not allow gambling apps to be included in its offering. The more detailed response offers a bit more insight.

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History of the Google Store ban

Google Play (also known as the Google Play Store and originally as the Android Market) is a digital distribution platform owned and operated by Google.

In 2010, Google Play took what many see as the not quite justified moral high ground, and decided that it would not allow any form of gambling app to be including in its offering. One reason stated was that Google cannot control the age of users and therein restrict access to those above 18 (the legal age for gambling).

According to its content policies this restriction goes so far as to apply to content and links displayed within the app, as well as any content or services that are seen to facilitate online gambling.

Are gambling apps legal?

Yes, many mobile gambling apps are perfectly legal in the UK. In fact, all of the ones reviewed and recommended on this site are 100% compatible with local legislation. Hence there is no need to be moved by the Google ban. Simply find an alternate source for download.

How to obtain android apps, outside of Google Play

Whilst the Google Play Store is perhaps the most popular single-stop-shop for purchasing Android apps, there are plenty of other places from which to safely download – including the Amazon App Store, GetJar, and for the absolute best in casino, sports and poker apps, right here at the Gambling App Store.

In order to access them, you will simply need to open your mobile up for accepting third-party apps. For assistance, have a look at our instructions for downloading an app to your Android device.

Recent exceptions allowed on Google Play

Google Play is known to be very stringent in its review policy, stopping any app that resembles gambling from so much as making an appearance in the store. That being said, in time for the 2015 NFL (American football) season, two fantasy football apps were offered, both which included real money wagering.

In addition, you will sometimes find what appears to be a gambling app in the Google Store, but as you will soon notice, it is never for real money wagers. However, it’s a start.

Are these developments an opening to a change in policy? Only time will tell. But in the meantime, there’s no need to worry about Google Play’s policies. Simply download right here from Gambling App Store for the highest quality, free Android apps, every time.