Live Stream Betting

Some online bookmakers and sportsbooks have all but thrown their traditional business practices out of the window, no longer concentrating on upcoming games and matches. Instead they focus on the live sports action as it unfolds by showcasing live video streams along with live in-play betting.

Indeed times are changing, with most of us in possession of a smartphone capable of streaming live TV, and with spare time on our hands whilst travelling to work, taking our lunch break or waiting for company to arrive, more and more people are filling the void by watching a live stream of a sporting event and having a fun bet on it.

What is Live Stream Betting?

Live stream betting is a hand-in-glove scenario whereby an online bookmaker offers up to the second odds on sporting events which they are also streaming live on their desktop site and to customers via iPhone and Android devices. As a player live stream betting lets you take far more interest in a match or competition, you can easily feel like you are part of the action.

Cutting edge technology means live betting odds are constantly updated and with every throw-in, corner, free-kick, yellow card and penalty (in the instance of football) having an immediate impact on the in-play odds. Live stream betting is a constant fun game of cat and mouse against the old enemy …the bookmakers!

Why Should You Try Live Streaming Betting?

Most of us love a bet and the thrill of a tight finish in a horse or greyhound race when you have a wager on the line is a great buzz.  Live stream betting adds an extra dimension to proceedings as your judgement, the basis for placing a bet in the first place, is normally based on the action as it is unfolding as opposed to pre-event form study.

Live stream betting really is a case of pitting your wits against the online bookmakers with you deciding if the price on offer about a potential outcome is bigger than its true probability. With a team’s star striker coming off of the bench and onto the field, are they really 2/1 to score the next goal for example?

You may think it represents no value, or you may think 2/1 is a veritable gift.  In either case the live betting options and your reasons behind placing a bet on a live streamed event is a long list.

Our Top Live Streaming Betting Sites



Another colossal UK bookmaking business, Betfred, also have their own in-house TV channel which features an excellent roster of presenters and pundits.

William Hill

William Hill also have an excellent live stream betting offering.  It works alongside their dedicated William Hill TV and radio channels.  Most events can be watched free of charge (providing you are a logged-in account holder with the well-known high street bookmaker) and they offer a huge variety of in-play live streaming betting options on the most popular live sporting events.

These produce helpful form guides prior to the broadcast of live streamed events featuring in-play betting.  Another with a wide range of markets that are open ‘in-play’, you will often find their prices differ considerably from their bookmaking rivals.

But many online sportsbooks feature live streamed betting opportunities for mobile customers. In fact it is well worth shopping about as in-play prices can vary wildly between rival bookmakers.

Our Top 3 Live Streaming Betting Events

Unquestionably football and tennis are the most popular live streamed in-play betting sports. They would account for the main chunk of live stream betting turnover; that’s due to the general popularity of both and the fact games and matches last for such a long time.  There are, of course, considerable price changes when a goal is scored or a set is won.

But darts is our top live streamed betting game.  It’s very fast moving, albeit matches can last some considerable period of time, and this means countless price changes and flip-flopping of game favourites.  Outright match winner, handicaps, 180 lines and correct scores are amongst the in-play darts betting markets which you can wager on while watching a live stream.

Esports is an up and coming betting medium and it is custom made for live stream betting.  Esports matches enjoy incredible viewing figures and more and more esports fans are betting on the outcome of the action taking place before their eyes.

Cricket is another excellent live streaming betting sport.  Unlike darts and esports a cricket match, particularly the test match variety, is a veritable slow burner.  However this gradual changing of the live odds about the action unfolding on our screen makes for fascinating betting.

Besides, Twenty20 cricket cannot be accused of being ‘slow’.  There’s loads of in-play betting markets on cricket matches including the next wicket to fall, total runs, number of 6’s and many more.

Bottom Line

Betting on live streamed events can be immensely satisfying win or lose. It represents a different skill set and requires a diverse attitude to traditional pre-event form study. If you are quick thinking, have foresight, know the sport you are betting on and are disciplined, there is every chance you will be able to turn a profit live stream betting.

However, if your mobile is in your palm and you have some time to kill, betting on live streamed sporting events gives you a real buzz, it is a lot of fun and some would say what smartphones were created for! Definitely look beyond the traditional markets, like correct scores and match winners, and consider specialising in a different area such as ‘total number of corners’ in football or ‘first kill’ in an esports match-up.