Tennis Betting Apps

Tennis is one of the most popular sports from a betting perspective and there are a wide variety of tennis betting markets and tournaments available throughout the year and across the globe. There are just a couple of weeks a year when there isn’t a top class tennis tournament taking place somewhere around the world.

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How to Bet on Tennis

Arguably more so than with other top sports, the key to tennis betting is to know the rules of the sport and to be aware how different styles of play and court surfaces (clay, grass, hard court and carpet) can benefit certain players at specific tournaments.

With tennis being a fast-paced sport where the advantage can quickly change from one player to the other over the course of just a few games and minutes, tennis mobile app betting is perfect for following a match in-play.

Tennis betting is also an ideal option for those who don’t want to tie up their money for more than a few minutes, with there being the opportunities such as betting on who will win the next game. It’s also worth noting the importance of a player’s service game, with an ability to easily hold one’s own serve often being decisive at events such as Wimbledon.  Women’s tennis tends to feature more breaks of service, making it a somewhat less relevant there.

The Best Tennis Tournaments

There’s no question that the four Grand Slam events are the tournaments that every tennis player aspires to win, with the Australian Open (hard court), French Open (clay), Wimbledon (grass) and US Open (hard court) being the pinnacle of the game.  The Grand Slam events feature all the top players and all are ensured of huge media coverage from around the world.

In addition, all the major bookmakers will provide tennis betting odds for just about every game on the men’s ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) World Tour and women’s WTA tournaments (Women’s Tennis Association).  There is also the Challenger Tour, Davis Cup, Fed Cup and the Olympics among other tennis betting options available.

Tennis Betting Odds

As with other sports, there is a wide variety of tennis betting odds to choose from, depending on the market.

Outright betting on tournaments is a particular favourite, with none of the major tournaments ever taking more than two weeks to complete and the majority of the year’s competitions being completed within a week. Here you can get some decent odds on players who might favour a particular surface or venue or be coming into a tournament in decent form.

Other tennis betting markets to be aware of are match odds, individual set and game betting, set score, total games or sets played in a match and handicap betting (a player to win covering a set number of games handicap margin to one of the players).  Some of the bigger matches will also offer tennis bets such as which player will serve most aces in a match, the most double faults, etc.

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Tennis Betting Tips

As previously mentioned the playing surface can be a major factor in tennis betting and explains why, over the past decade or so, a player like Rafael Nadal has been such a dominant force on clay, whereas Roger Federer has been the top player on grass, rather than one of them being able to dominate on both surfaces.

A different skill set is required, depending on the surface (grass being a much quicker surface than clay). As a game between individuals, it’s also always worth staying up to date with a player’s current injury and general health situation, whether they have recently changed coaches, retired or withdrawn from any recent games or tournaments, etc.

What often differentiates the top players from the rest is the ability to win crucial points when the pressure is on.  Closing out a match against a top player can often prove beyond some of the lower-ranked players when they have the opportunity to do so.

Free Bets and Promotions

For tennis free bets and tennis betting promotions, including enhanced odds on the big matches, it’s the Grand Slam events that will have the majority of such offers available, particularly when a top player such as Andy Murray or Serena Williams is involved.

However, it’s also generally possible to use bookmaker Welcome Bonuses as tennis free bets on ATP and WTA tour events throughout the calendar year should you wish to do so and other specific tennis promotions can sometimes be offered.

Where To Bet on Tennis Games

All the major bookmakers cover tennis betting, with the Grand Slam events covered particularly extensively. You should always look for the best available odds for your bet of course and also check to see if there is a tennis free bet, enhanced odds or a general Welcome Bonus available that could bolster your potential winnings.

Bottom line

Tennis betting offers a plethora of opportunities and can be particularly beneficial for those betting via mobile or app, given the fast-changing nature of the sport. Knowing which players perform on which surface is one of the key factors to take into account in tennis betting and some players also favour specific tournaments.

The men’s game has been largely dominated by five names for several years now, with Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka consistently challenging for Grand Slam titles.

However, all of the aforementioned players are now 30+ years old and a new generation of players will come to the fore over the next year or two, with the Russian Daniil Medvedev potentially looking the pick of them as things stand. On clay, Dominic Thiem could be the man to replace Nadal as the dominant force over the next few years. Women’s tennis is also set for a change, with Serena Williams about to become a mother.  That must raise doubts about her future in the game given her age and leaves a huge void at the top of the game.