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Tennis Betting Guide

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Tennis betting is one of the most popular form of sports betting in the UK, and the best tennis betting apps offer punters a huge range of markets from tournaments all around the world. Most tennis betting sites enable you to bet in-play on the majority of matches, with the tennis odds changing to reflect the current state of the match. You can get a large number of special and exotic markets on most tournaments as well.

If you want to bet on tennis, you can find a good range of tennis betting tips at most of the sports book sites we feature here, as well as useful advice on how to bet on tennis, such as which sorts of bets give you the best value.

  • PlayBetway Betway review Betway Every tournament on the ATP and WTA tours are covered, as well as satellite tournaments from around the world. Bet pre-match or live and in-play on individual matches, or bet on outright tournament winners, including who will win the Grand Slams or the Davis Cup.
  • PlayBetfair Betfair review Betfair There are in-play betting markets on tennis matches available all year round from tournaments being played across the globe. These include all the Grand Slam events, as well as all other matches from the ATP and WTA tours and qualifying tournaments.
  • PlayPaddy Power Paddy Power review Paddy Power You can bet live and in-play or pre-match on tennis from around the world at PaddyPower. Whether it’s Wimbledon, the US Open, or minor and satellite tournaments from the WTA and ATP tours, you can bet on the outright winner, who will win the next set, or who might win a particular game in a given set.
  • Play888Sport 888Sport review 888Sport When you bet on tennis at 888, you can make outright and in-play live bets on all individual matches on the ATP and WTA tours, as well as pre-tournament bets on the winners of the four Grand Slams. You can also make season bets on individual players as to where they will finish the season in the world rankings.
  • PlayCoral Coral review Coral You get a variety of markets on tennis matches from around the world at Coral. This includes outright bets on the winners of the Grand Slams and other major tournaments, as well as specials based on how individual players will perform over the course of the season. You can bet live and in-play on every match on the ATP and WTA tours as well.
  • PlayWilliam Hill William Hill review William Hill Tennis gets extensive coverage at William Hill, including live and in-play betting on matches from around the world on the ATP and WTA tours. As well as overall match betting, you can bet on the outcome of a tie-break, who will win each point in a particular game, as well as how many aces or double faults will be served in a match.
  • Play32Red 32Red review 32Red Every tournament on the ATP and WTA tours are covered at 32Red, and you can bet pre-match or live and in-play. There are also outright markets where you can bet on the winner of the four Grand Slams, or bet on individual players and what you think their end-of-year ranking will be.

How to Bet on Tennis

Any successful tennis betting strategy requires knowledge of which players perform best on which surfaces, how the tennis odds in a match reflect the players’ rankings, and how players perform head-to-head against their opponents. When you have a punt on live tennis betting, it’s also useful to know how players perform in particular situations, such as when they’re in a tie break, or how often they win when they’ve lost the first set, for instance.

The best tennis betting apps will give you a variety of markets; for instance, you can bet on the outright winner of a tournament, who will make the semi-finals, or who will come out on top in any given match. Live tennis betting means you can bet on who will win a particular game or set, while at most tennis betting sites you can punt on the total number of games or sets played in a match, as well as which player will serve most aces in a match, the most double faults, and so on.

Overall, a successful tennis betting strategy requires detailed research and close examination of the tennis odds. This is because it can often be hard to find good value on many matches, as the best players are often such red-hot favourites that it doesn’t make great sense to punt on them to win a match outright. Very often, how to bet on tennis and win means in-play betting and trying to take advantage of the developing situation in any match.

William Hill Tennis Betting

The Best Tennis Tournaments

Tennis betting is often at its best during the major tournaments, as there are larger fields and so more opportunities for upsets. When you’re looking for tennis bet tips at the Grand Slam tournaments, the early rounds are often the time when lower-ranked players are able to gain the upper hand over higher ranked opponents, and so you can get some good value in these matches.

The four Grand Slams are the Australian Open (hard court), French Open (clay), Wimbledon (grass) and US Open (hard court), and these events feature all the top players and all are ensured of huge media coverage from around the world. The best tennis betting apps give you markets on all matches during the Grand Slams, as well as all tournaments on the men’s ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) World Tour and women’s WTA tournaments (Women’s Tennis Association), along with all sorts of tennis tips UK punters can take advantage of. There is also the Challenger Tour, Davis Cup, Fed Cup and the Olympics, among many other tennis betting options available.

Tennis Betting Odds

As with other sports, there is a wide variety of tennis betting odds to choose from, depending on the market, and having tennis odds explained will help you to get the best value from your tennis betting strategy.

Outright betting on a tournament winner is perhaps the easiest bet to make, although there is often not good value to be had here as the leading players are generally quite hot favourites and don’t give you great odds. In this case, the best tennis betting tips are to look for potential upsets in the early rounds when lesser-ranked players come up against higher-ranked names.

Live tennis betting is also a good way to get value, as you can bet on a variety of different markets while a game is taking place. The best tennis betting sites enable you to bet on who will win a set or game, as well as the scoreline in individual sets. You can also get tennis odds on who will win a tie-break, as well as a market on player coming back to win after losing the first set.

When you’re looking at how to bet on tennis online, other markets include individual set and game betting, set score, total games or sets played in a match, and handicap betting (a player to win covering a set number of games handicap margin). The best tennis betting apps will also offer tennis bets such as which player will serve most aces in a match, the most double faults, who will break service most often, etc.


Tennis Betting Tips

As previously mentioned, the playing surface can be a major factor in tennis betting and explains why, over the past decade or so, a player like Rafael Nadal has been such a dominant force on clay, whereas Roger Federer has been the top player on grass, rather than one of them being able to dominate on both surfaces.

When you’re looking at the tennis odds for Grand Slam tournaments in particular, this is an important factor to consider. This is because a different skill set is required, depending on the surface (grass being a much quicker surface than clay). As a game between individuals, it’s also always worth staying up to date with a player’s current injury and general health situation, whether they have recently changed coaches, retired or withdrawn from any recent games or tournaments, as this will have a significant bearing on how useful any tennis betting tips may be.

What often differentiates the top players from the rest is the ability to win crucial points when the pressure is on. Closing out a match against a top player can often prove beyond some of the lower-ranked players when they have the opportunity to do so, and this is very important in live tennis betting when you are considering taking a bet on an underdog who looks like they might have the upper hand over a champion player in the early stages of a match.

Our top tennis betting tips:

  • have a tennis betting strategy that covers both outright results and in-play betting
  • look for value in the early rounds of major tournaments
  • check out players’ success rate in tie-breaks
  • betting on the number of aces/double faults in a match can give good value
  • betting on the total number of games won can be a good way to bet on hot favourites
  • know the stats as to how well a player performs in clutch situations

Free Bets and Promotions

For tennis free bets and tennis betting promotions, including enhanced odds on the big matches, it’s the Grand Slam events that will have the majority of such offers available, particularly when a top player such as Andy Murray or Serena Williams is involved.

However, it’s also generally possible to use bookmaker Welcome Bonuses as tennis free bets on ATP and WTA tour events throughout the calendar year should you wish to do so, and other specific tennis promotions can sometimes be offered. The best tennis betting apps will have a good range of these sorts of promotions for UK punters to take advantage of.

Where To Bet on Tennis Games

All the major bookmakers and tennis betting sites cover the game globally, particularly the four Grand Slam events. Tennis odds can vary considerably from site to site, so it pays to do some research and compare the prices you can get. You should also check to see if there is a tennis free bet, enhanced odds or a general Welcome Bonus available that could bolster your potential winnings.

Bottom line

Tennis betting offers a plethora of opportunities and can be particularly beneficial for those using the best tennis betting apps, given the fast-changing nature of the sport. Knowing which players perform on which surface is one of the key factors to take into account when considering tennis odds, and the fact that some players also favour specific tournaments.

For a successful tennis betting strategy, you should aim to take in both outright results and live tennis betting, and make sure you survey a range of tennis betting sites to find the best odds. Read up on tennis bet tips whenever you can, and use as much statistical data as possible to try and find the best possible value bets.