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Cricket Betting Apps

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Cricket is unusual in that it’s an international sport, played just about everywhere in the world, although its prominence and popularity varies significantly depending on where you are.

The current powerhouses of the game are England, Australia and India, with the other major countries (essentially those countries that play Test cricket) being South Africa, New Zealand, Pakistan, the West Indies and Sri Lanka. Other nations who play cricket at a high level include Ireland and Afghanistan (soon to play their first Test matches), Scotland, Netherlands and Bangladesh, although there are national teams representing most other countries across the world as well.

Because of its huge global appeal and exposure, betting on cricket is one of the most popular forms of sports betting that we feature here. You can find listed on our site the best sports betting apps for all forms of cricket, so whether you want to bet on T20 cricket leagues from around the world, the latest international Test series, or the next instalment of The Ashes, we highlight a range of cricket betting apps where you can get markets on every match, no matter where it’s taking place, as well as other special features like stats, replays and series guides.

Check out our list below of the best cricket betting apps.

Best Cricket Betting Apps

  • visitBetway Betway review Betway Betway and Cricket betting are a (test) match made in heaven. Offering a huge variety of pre-game and in-play betting, Betway are one of the most popular betting sites for cricket fans.
  • visitPaddy Power Paddy Power review Paddy Power PaddyPower is easily one of the most recognised and forward thinking betting brands in the UK and Ireland. A great range of special offers, bets and promotions available for all the cricket markets.
  • visitBetfair Betfair review Betfair Betair have a massive selection of in-play betting for all of this summer’s cricket games. Bet on each ball in all the cricket games and enjoy a wide range of exclusive bets and special offer promotions.
  • visitLadbrokes Ladbrokes review Ladbrokes Ladbrokes is one of the most recognised sports betting brands in the UK with excellent coverage of all of England’s cricket games. Choose from a wide range of bets and take advantage of Ladbrokes’ exclusive special offers and promotions.
  • visit888Sport 888Sport review 888Sport 888 Sport offer complete coverage of the cricket calendar Every ball bowled is covered with a great range of in-play bets and special offers.
  • visitCoral Coral review Coral Coral have been covering England cricket games for decades. Their experience as one of the UK’s top sports betting brands make Coral one of the go-to sites for all things cricket. Get full coverage of all the world’s cricket games with a big selection of in-play bets available.

How to get started betting on cricket

The international cricket schedule is more packed than ever. As a summer game, where and when cricket is being played depends on the season (and the weather!), so the cricket year shifts between hemispheres depending on the time of the year. This means that there is always a major cricketing event, either a Test series or a limited overs tournament, taking place somewhere all year round.

While this is of course great for cricket fans (when the first-class season ends in England, the Sheffield Shield season kicks off in Australia, for instance), it does mean that the cricket punter can find it hard to keep up with every match that is being played. This is especially the case during big T20 tournaments, like the IPL, Big Bash or T20 Blast, when there is a match every day (sometimes two), and where women’s cricket tournaments often run in parallel as well.

The best mobile apps for cricket are ideal for keeping up to date and making sure that you never miss a match. With comprehensive schedules of all tours, matches and tournaments, and the ability to create alerts to let you know when a game is starting, if you’re a punter who wants to bet on cricket, you shouldn’t be without a cricket betting app on your mobile or tablet.

The best cricket apps also give you real time markets, so crucial when you’re being on cricket as the game can change in the blink of an eye. Also, for live and in-play betting, you need to choose a cricket app that has an easy-to-se and intuitive UI that enables you to see the market and get a bet on quickly before the moment passes. This is also vital for betting on your mobile when you’re on the move.

Cricket Odds and Betting

Cricket is a game with many dimensions, where the play ebbs and flows, but can also suddenly change direction. The nature of the game lends itself perfectly to sports betting because of the multitude of markets than can be on offer in a single game.

When it comes to outright betting, there will of course always be markets on the winner of any given match or series. It needs to be remembered, however, that like football, Test cricket matches often end up as a draw (or, very rarely, as a tie), so this always needs to be factored in when you are betting on the overall score in a series — it’s not out of the realms of possibility that a five Test series can finish 0-0.

However, in the limited overs format of the game, there will always be a result, sometimes through a Super Over in T20 games, the cricket equivalent of football’s penalty shoot out.

Other popular markets for Test match series and limited overs tournaments include who will be the overall top run scorer and wicket taker, the player who will score the most centuries or take the most 5-wicket hauls, and who will finish with the best overall batting and bowling averages.

Live cricket betting, however, has a completely different dynamic — rather than long-term bets that may take some time to resolve and rely on a series being completed, with live in-play betting on cricket there are new markets available virtually every ball.

For instance, you can bet on the outcome of the first ball of the match a team faces, as well as what happens on the first delivery each individual player receives. Alternatively, you can punt on how many runs a team scores in the first over, or in the power play (in the case of a limited overs match).

You will also get markets on the time of the first wicket to fall in an innings, how many wickets a team has lost after a set number of overs, and how many wickets will fall to each mode of dismissal.

There are also markets in just about every match on how the next wicket will fall, how a particular batsman is going to get out, as well as how many 4s or 6s that are scored in an innings.

If these aren’t enough betting options, most cricket app sports books also now have a Request a Bet feature, where you can contact the online bookmaker if a specific bet you want to make isn’t quoted, and they will then give you an individual price.

However, while all this sounds quite frenetic (and you’re right, it can be), cricket sports betting is nevertheless well regulated, and you can rest assured that we only promote cricket apps that are fully licensed and audited. The betting apps that we recommend are all licensed to operate by the UK Gambling Commission so that you can bet securely with the knowledge that the site is being operated fairly and that you have recourse should any disputes arise.

Major Cricket Games

Test Match Cricket

Not all cricketing nations play Test matches, which is the oldest and longest form of the game, with matches taking place over five days. There are currently 12 countries sanctioned by the ICC (International Cricket Council) to play Tests — Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies and Zimbabwe. Ireland and Afghanistan are the two newest Test-playing nations, and are set to play their first matches in May and June of 2018 respectively.

T20 Cricket

T20 is the newest form of limited overs cricket (played twenty overs per side), and since its introduction into world cricket in 2003 has brought a whole new audience to the game. Apart from the way in which the games are played, T20 differs most from other forms of cricket in the fact that the biggest tournaments are domestic, rather than international.

The most popular T20 leagues, such as the Indian Premier League (IPL), Big Bash League (Australia) and T20 Blast (England), operate on a franchise model more akin to North American sports than the traditional state and county-based models used in the first class game. This means that players and coaches change teams more frequently, and has also led to the rise of a breed of cricketer who specialises in this shortest from of the game.

The Ashes

The Ashes is a Test Match series played between England and Australia every two years and is  the oldest and most intense international cricketing rivalry. The first match between the two was played in 1877, with The Ashes urn, the trophy for which they currently play, created from a set of stumps that were ‘cremated’ in 1882 after Australia won at The Oval for the first time in England. The Ashes name came about when a satirical newspaper obituary declared that this marked the death of English cricket and that, “the body will be cremated and the ashes taken to Australia.”

Played alternately in England and Australia, the five-match series has been won most often by Australia (33 times), the most recent occasion being when England toured down under in 2017-18 and Australia took the series 4-0.

Our top 5 Cricket betting tips

Get on top of the stats

With the possible exception of baseball, cricket is probably the most stats-centric of all major sports, and there is an abundance of information available about every aspect of both individuals’ and teams’ performances. Any punter who wants to bet on cricket needs to be on top of the latest stats, especially as they relate to T20 cricket, as there will often be relatively unknown players appearing in these tournaments.

Know the match ups

Particularly when you’re betting on T20 cricket, it’s crucial to look at individual match ups. This has been made possible by the fact that cricket stats are now broken down into minute details such as how a certain batsman performs against slow left-arm bowling as compared how they fair against right-arm pace, for instance. If you’re betting live and in-play, information with this degree of detail can be vital.

Home or away?

Probably more than any other international sport, a team’s performance in cricket can depend to a large degree on where they are playing. Particularly in more recent times, home teams, especially in Test cricket, have far better records than visiting sides do, generally because they are more familiar with the playing conditions. If you are betting on the outcome of any Test series, anywhere in the world, it’s important to take into account the significance of home advantage.

Red ball or white ball?

When you are betting on how individual players are likely to perform in a match or series, it’s important to take into account what form of the game it is, and their specific form line in that format. Outstanding T20 performances do not necessarily translate to the first-class game, and vice-versa, so you need to know how well players perform in both the red ball and white ball versions of the game.

Bet on the series

Particularly when betting on a Test series, there are always good value bets to be had on leading run scorers, wicket takers, etc. While there may be a surprise result when it comes to which batsman scores the most runs in a T20 tournament, that is rarely the case over a longer Test series, where the cream nearly always rises to the top. A player’s batting or bowling average over the preceding twelve months will usually provide very good form line in this regard.

Bottom Line

Cricket betting is vibrant and exciting, and provides you with a huge range of markets on matches of all kinds. As the international cricket schedule has expanded, and new T20 tournaments have been introduced, the cricket season in essentially year round now, and so there is always a game to punt on.

Check out our recommended sports betting apps for the best sites to bet on cricket on your mobile phone or tablet.