Why can’t I find gambling apps in Google Play?

In response to market demand and more revenue channels, Google withdrew its longstanding stance against Gambling and Betting apps on the Play Store in August 2017.  This means that today you can find Gambling Apps promoting slots, sports betting and casino games.

Although still restricted in many countries, where Online Gambling is illegal, Gambling Apps are available to download to your cell phone if they follow the national regulations of the country the phone is licensed in and if they are a fully licensed online casino in that country. This is a move that operators had long been waiting for, and a victory for games providers particularly those with clients from the U.K, Ireland, France and Turkey.

Google’s Android operating system, by far the dominant mobile platform has until recently, forced Android users to download apps direct from gambling sites, which limits the apps’ exposure and ability to update. 

With an Android share in the U.K phone supplier market holding tight at around 50%, losing the opportunity to play casino games via Android or at least having it heavily restricted, has been painful for a lot of casino game providers.

This problem is even more poignant in Turkey, where Android phones are up to 80% of all smartphones currently in use.

Google Play was known to be very stringent in its review policy, stopping any App that resembles gambling from so much as making an appearance in the store.

 That being said, in time for the 2015 NFL (American football) season, two fantasy football apps were offered and bypassed the usually ruthless requirements, both of these games notably included real money wagering.

History of the Google Store ban

Google Play (also known as the Google Play Store and originally as the Android Market) is a digital distribution platform owned and operated by Google.

In 2010, Google Play took what many see as the not so justified moral high ground, and decided to disqualify Gambling Apps from its offering. One reason stated was Google cannot control the age of users and restrict access to those below 18 (the legal age for gambling).

According to its content policies, this restriction went as far as to apply to content and links displayed within the app, as well as any content or services that are seen to facilitate online gambling.

The Problem for Casino Gaming as a Whole

Not only games providers, but both software developers and casino games players lose out if Google doesn’t allow gambling apps.

The outstanding developments in casino games has always been due to how they have interacted with their audiences. With teams of developers and marketeers reacting to consumers’ needs, the growth and complexity of slots and live casino has gone from strength to strength and Microgaming, Netent and Playtech have much to be proud of.  

As the millennials get older and their needs become the driving force in the games market, games provider have to sharpen their ability to please their clients and improve the User Experience from ‘Login’ to ‘Autoplay.’

With most millennials dependent on their cell phones in the same way that the rest of the population needs water – contact with these consumers is the essential touchpoint that needs attention to improve the quality of games.

Bottom line, we know that the next generation of players will be playing from their cell phones, so the best way to provide stimulating games is by appealing to the biggest client, Google Users.

Betting in Google Play.

Google updated the rules about distributing gambling Android apps in August 2017. To upload apps to the Play store, developers need a valid license for the countries they targeting and comply with their regulations. These gaming apps cannot use Google payments services.

For both British and French players now, it’s easy and you can simply go to Apps, put in games or gambling into search and a host of top quality games will immediately appear.

In some countries such as Turkey where the legalities are different, the distribution has to be under alternative channels and you would have to search for these same Apps under the betting sites.

How to obtain Android apps, outside of Google Play

That isn’t to say that Android users couldn’t get casino games outside of Google Play, you can get your Casino Android apps elsewhere and there are plenty of other places from which to safely download – including the Amazon App Store, GetJar, and for the absolute best in casino, sports and poker apps, right here at the Gambling App Store.

In order to access them, you simply need to open your mobile up for accepting third-party apps. For assistance, have a look at our instructions for downloading an app to your Android device.