What is the difference between an APK App and a web based App?

If you’re looking to bet on the go, there are two main options – the mobile website or an Android app.

Most online casinos offer both options, as do sports betting operators. Poker is hit or miss, as some networks have yet to adapt to mobile play at all, whilst others have created both mobile sites and apps.

To choose which is the preferred method of play for you, it’s worth considering what each format entails, as well as the distinct advantages each offers.

Mobile Website

A mobile website is a modified version of the regular website, programmed for compatibility with the small screen format of handheld devices ranging from Android smartphones and tablets, to Apple iPhones, iPads and more.

As a website, it is browser based and composed of HTML pages accessed over the internet. Standard features include text, images, and even video. Those properly programmed will also include interactivity from touchscreen, click-to-call functionality (to dial up support, for example), and simplified navigation for easier access.

To access a mobile slots website, no download is required. Users can either type the URL into their web browser, or bookmark the page for quick future access.

Native App

An app is specifically designed for smart device use, and is accessed exclusively via download.

Each app is created for specific operating systems, generally divided into iOS and Android. Depending on which operating system you’re using you can find apps in the Google Store or iTunes Store (or in the case of gambling apps, right here at Gambling App Store). Keep in mind, unlike a mobile site, which is compatible with all devices, you will need to make sure the app works with the device you are currently using (though again, those reviewed here are generally compatible with all Android devices).

Once you download and install the app, it will be available from your mobile device’s home screen, as a clearly marked icon. This makes it extremely easy to access, at a single glance and a single click touch. As such, for mobile gaming purposes, which you’ll likely want to access on a regular basis, downloading the app is probably a better bet.

Bottom line

All of the online casinos and sportsbooks we have reviewed have at bare minimum a mobile site, allowing you to bet on the go. Most have a native Android app as well.

Which method you prefer to use is a matter of personal choice, though in terms of sheer convenience, an app, in our opinion, is the way to go