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Premier League Betting It’s hard to argue that the Premier League today is the most popular football league in the world. There are those who will say that Serie A is more tactically astute, La Liga more flamboyant, and the Bundesliga more technically sound, and while all of this may be true, it is nevertheless the case that more people want to watch the Premier League than any other top league in Europe.

No matter where you go in the world, you’ll see kids wearing Man Utd and Liverpool shirts instead of their local teams; regardless of the time zone, you’ll always find a bar showing the Premier League live; and every team, from top to bottom, has supporters’ groups in every corner of the globe.

This global popularity also means that the Premier League is the biggest football betting market in the world. It is estimated that around 600 million people watch Premier League matches every week in over 200 different countries, and it’s thought that up to £20 million is wagered on every weekend’s fixtures. This goes some way to demonstrating the popularity of betting on football, in particular the Premier League, and why so many punters bet on matches so enthusiastically.

On this page, we introduce the best apps for betting on the Premier League. You can also read more about how to bet on Premier League football, how mobile betting apps work, and how to choose the best online sports book for football betting.

Check out our recommendations for the best Premier League apps below.

Premier League betting – what does it mean?

One of the great joys of betting on the Premier League is that you have so many markets open to you on every match. You can, of course, make straightforward bets as to who you think will win any given fixture, but within this outright win market, there are any number of variations as well — you can bet on who will be leading at half-time and full-time, the full-time result with both teams to score, the result in each half, either team to come from behind and win, and many more.

Each game also offers you a range of bets based around individual players. For instance, you can bet on who will be the first and last goalscorer, take a punt on a player scoring a hat-trick, or bet on a given player being shown a card.

If you’re a more stats-minded punter, there are plenty of betting options available for you as well. For example, you can bet on the total number of corners in the match, the time of the last corner or the first away goal, who’ll be leading after 15, 30, 60 and 75 minutes, whether there’ll be a penalty in the match, and whether or not the away side can keep a clean sheet. Again, there are many more variations like this, so whatever the sort of stat you’re interested in, you can generally find a market and get a price.

Beyond individual matches, one of the most popular ways of betting on football is the outright betting market. There are fairly straightforward bets, such as you who you think will win the Premier League and which sides will get relegated, or you can expand on this and bet on who you think will finish in the top and bottom halves of the table, who will finish in the European places, as well as who will end up the season as the top goalscorer.

However, for many football punters accumulator bets are the most enjoyable and engaging way of betting on football. An accumulator bet is where you bet on a series of matches (usually at least 3 ‘legs’ or ‘folds’), and for your total acca bet to come in, you need a win from each leg. Accas are popular with punters because they can produce enormous payouts from relatively low stakes, while a number of our leading Premier League betting apps also offer Acca Insurance. This means that if only one leg fails in your acca bet, you get your stake money back as a bonus bet.

How to bet from your mobile

The best Premier League betting apps are designed to make having a punt on a match anywhere and at any time quick and easy to do. The UI of the best apps means that you always get straightforward access to the markets you want, as well as 1-tap access to your bet slip, so betting on the smaller screens of phones and tablets is always simple to do. Most of the best apps also feature Touch ID for logging in. This means that if you’re at the match, on the train, or even at the office, you can keep an eye on how your accas are doing, and take advantage of Cash Out quickly if a bet looks like it’s not going to come in!

The Premier League apps that we recommend here are packed with other features as well. You get expert tips, heat maps, match simulations and detailed stats that ensure you’re fully informed before you place a bet.

Premier League Betting Tips

If you’re new to betting on the Premier League, or just want some advice on how you can make the most of the experience, here are three top tips for football betting:

Look beyond the obvious

Successfully betting on football is about more than just simply picking the winner of a match — it’s also about finding the bets that give you the best value. This often means avoiding the obvious bets, particularly in the win markets — backing Man City at home to beat West Brom isn’t going to give you much of a return, for instance. Look instead at some of the more interesting player and stats markets, like first goalscorer, the number of corners, who’ll be leading after half an hour, etc. You will generally find that these sorts of bets are where you can find the best value.

Bet Live and in-play

Betting in-play is one of the most exciting ways of taking a punt on the Premier League. As the fortunes of the sides fluctuate throughout the course of a match, so do the odds, and so betting in-play is a great way to stay engaged in a match and to find good value. For instance, an unfancied team taking an unexpected lead, a leading goalscorer being sent off, or a manager making a surprise early substitution, can all dramatically affect the outcome of a game, but live in-play betting lets you take advantage of these and other such changes in the match, as the odds will go up and down to reflect them.

Take advantage of accas

The biggest payouts from betting on the Premier League come from accumulator bets, where you are making wagers across several different matches (or, if you prefer, you can even take an acca that includes other sports as well). The accumulated odds across all of your selections mean that if you land every bet, the payouts can be enormous.

Of course, with an acca there is far more potential for a single surprise result to upset your whole bet, but with the football betting apps we recommend, you can generally get Acca Insurance, so that if one leg flops, you get your stake money back in the form of a bonus bet.

Recent Premier League Winners

Since its inception in 1992/93 the Premier League has been dominated by a handful of rich, established clubs, although there is still the potential for surprise — it’s not overstating the case to say that the entire world was shocked by Leicester City’s triumph in 2015/16. This anomaly aside, the list of winners of the Premier League this decade shows that the champions have come from a fairly select group of wealthy clubs:

2016/17 — Chelsea

2015/16 — Leicester City

2014/15 — Chelsea

2013/14 — Manchester City

2012/13 — Manchester United

2011/12 — Manchester City

2010/11 — Manchester United

2009/10 — Chelsea

Biggest Punter wins from the Premier League

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, an enormous win from betting on the Premier League attracts major media and sporting attention around the globe. Two of the most recent huge wins have come from loyal fans taking a seemingly hopeless bet on Leicester City winning the title, and a long-shot accumulator bet where everything went right.

The Foxes Fairytale

It’s estimated that Leicester City’s astonishing season in 2015/16, that saw them crowned champions for the first time in their history, cost UK bookmakers in the region of £25 million. Before the season began, the Foxes were quoted at between 2000-1 to 5000-1 at most sports books to win the title. Not many took the bookies up on these generous odds, but for some of those who did, it was life-changing. It’s estimated that 21 punters who took the 5000-1 held on and cashed in at the end of the season, with the biggest winner taking home £100,000 from a £20 bet. Another Leicester fan, who took them at odds of 2000-1 at the start of the season, walked away with £200,000 after his miracle £100 bet came in.

It all adds up

The odds on a six-leg acca coming in can, unsurprisingly, be pretty long — a lot needs to go right for a bet like that to come off. However, that’s precisely what happened for a punter from Romford who at the start of the 2016/17 season took out an accumulator bet on the winners of the four leagues in England and the top two leagues in Scotland — at combined odds of 7087/1. When Chelsea wrapped up the Premier League title in May, after his other five legs had already come in, the lucky punter walked away with an amazing £70,885 from his £10 bet.

Picking the Best Football Betting sites

When you’re looking for Premier League betting apps, there is no shortage of choice — and no shortage of sites trying to promote betting apps as well. However, too many of these, it’s a shame to a say, are not offering you good advice or steering you in the right direction.

However, we pride ourselves on only recommending the very best football apps, from leading and reputable sports books who offer punters both an excellent user experience and good value as well. We’re all experienced punters here, and so we know what goes into running a good quality online sports book, as well as what it takes to design a user-friendly and accessible mobile betting app.

Any app that we recommend here has been chosen by our team of experienced punters because we know that you’ll get a first-rate betting experience, with a great choice of Premier League markets, on a mobile app that is easy to use and makes betting on-the-go a pleasure.